BurberryThe beat 100ml Man

Perfume hebat tanpa kotak Lelaki
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100ml Man


This is really an underrated parfume of the house, frags like brit or mr, due to the marketing machine working harder for their benefits, are much better know...unrightfuly.

It has the sharpness of cutting super fresh , super bright yellow lemons, plus the herbiness of how thym smells on a damp rainy morning, there is also something salty ozonic, early morning walk by the sea feel to it.. its a beautiful and unique blend. Sometimes the color of the parfum doesnt really match with what you can expect from it, but this faded light green explains it perfectly, it is undeniably green , but a green you dont usually see. the longitivty is good, the projection is a bit on the moderate side, so you are more likely to enjoy this on yourself, then others around you are, but in this case I sort of am OK with it. for one on one consultations and closer contacts it will sure leave a great impression, and the rest of the time its yours to enjoy.

its so good that i really had to look up the guy behind it, and with perfumes like invictus, 1000 miglia and only the brave, for sure you can see why this one hits all the marks. its a top quality work, and i would easily count in mr polge's top3.

Info -https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Burberry/The-Beat-for-Men-4509.html

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